A Utopian Scenaria

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Cricket

Out of curiosity, I googled “Cricket in China”, this is, of course a peculiar search, given the fact that cricket is never synonymous with China and evident from the levels of participation by the most populous country. But for a country never to have participated in any major cricketing events, and the highest level of cricket in the country, equivalent to a Division 5 league, the results were rather startling. ESPNCricinfo, the encyclopedia of cricket, had 30 odd articles on cricket in China, a detailed Wikipedia article about China National Cricket Team and their astonishing ambitions, a BBC article about Cricket in China, and to top it all, a ChinaCricket website dedicated solely to all the activities related to cricket in China! That’s on par, if not better, than most of the top ranked associate nations and almost equal to the lower ranked full member nations.


Statistics say that every sixth person in the world is a Chinese, which also follows suit for an Indian as well. Hence deducing from the statistics, there is a Chinese and an Indian in every six member group. Now imagine if the world’s most populous country were to play the game with the the country second in line in that very list, and if that game were to be telecast?. Yeah move over football, you are nowhere close to being the most watched sport in the world. Imagine it, as almost half the world’s population would be watching this game and these also include the passionate cricket organisms living everywhere else.


As Ashis Nandy once said, “Cricket is an Indian game, accidentally discovered by the British”, its no secret, that in India cricket is a religion and cricketers are ‘Demigods’. Although I have no idea, when China would be able to gain test status, or for that matter, when they would have a decent fan following, but I’d definitely like to see how it would be in those times, when the BCCI would have a worthy competitor, both on and off the field, who knows, there might be a Han Premier League(The Chinese usually refer to themselves as the children of the ‘Han’, hence the name H.P.L.), with Indians captaining the sides, or an even better, how about having another Sachin Tendulkar Stand in one of their stadiums!


Yeah, I know, none of them are nowhere close to becoming a reality, but just like the many perfect scenario’s that’s always running in our minds(like the beautiful girl in office coming over and talking to me), this is also one of the many perfect scenarios that I wish could come true, at least before I get Alzheimer!


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